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Joseph Taylor BIRTH 1649 • Exeter, Rockingham, NH DEATH 18 JUL 1712 Wells,York, ME

So far Joseph Taylor is the earliest direct descendant of the Taylor surname I have been able to document. Consequently, I thought it would be a great place to kick off my first blog. This endeavor will be a work in progress as I decipher the ins and outs of my site. I hope this will be fun for my audience, but at the very least it will be place for me to document my findings in a user friendly format.

I am struck by the interesting details I discover along the trails of The sheer amount of primary source material that has been captured is astounding. For example, this extract from US Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930:

Joseph was married to Rachel (maybe Ruth - still verifying) (B. 1650) and his son, grandsons and even great grandsons participated in the Revolutionary War. I will leave that as a tease as the Revolutionary War details are interesting and will make an excellent 2nd blog.

My New Year 2021 resolution is to blog weekly, if not more. Hopefully work won't interfere with that promise to myself and once I figure out the site it should notify anyone who is interested when a new blog is available. I am an old dog learning a new trick so please be patient with me.

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